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How TitleCapture is helping attorney-owned Capitol Title exceed customer expectations

Founded in 1973, Capitol Title is one of the most forward-thinking title companies we have ever worked with. As an attorney-owned, service-oriented company, Capitol Title never ceases to amaze us when it comes to their relentless customer focus and openness towards new technology. Hop over to their website and you’ll see exactly what we mean. 

The company’s Director of Marketing, Sara Demb Goldstein, is the person largely responsible for discovering and selecting TitleCapture as the company’s TRID-compliant title quote calculator. She has been kind enough to give us some honest feedback about what it’s like to work with TitleCapture.



Sara and Capitol Title were facing various challenges, in terms of quotes and estimates, which led to them becoming part of the TitleCapture family:

"We used to have an online calculator that was created by the company who designed our website. The calculator was designed specifically for Capitol Title. Keeping up with changes in county transfer taxes, title insurance premium increases, recording charges was time-consuming and difficult.”

This is a recurring theme among title companies who choose to build their own calculator solution. Most fail to acknowledge the “maintenance” aspect of a proprietary software solution, and find themselves committing a lot of time and money building a tool that’s always needing patched and maintained. A title company’s focus should be on closings, not on building and maintaining quoting software.

“When we found TitleCapture, we were so impressed with the superior customer service, the user-friendliness (for us and for our clients), the marketing capabilities, and overall professional look to the product that we jumped on it immediately. This has been life-changing for me, personally, and for our business.”


Automatically staying on top of government fee changes and underwriter rate filings is something Sara, as Director of Marketing, appreciates a lot. 

At TitleCapture we have a proprietary database that holds recording fees, transfer and mortgage tax rates, property tax proration rules, and so much more—for all 3,141 counties in the US. We have a data team that constantly works to update these, so title companies never have to worry about the accuracy of their quotes to clients.  

It’s also TitleCapture’s mission to constantly improve our service to respond to different title companies' quoting needs—more transaction types, more customization to handle different transaction scenarios, and so on. 

Much like the other 1000+ title companies who have chosen TitleCapture, Sara attests to the benefits of having a custom-branded title company platform—not only for real estate agents and lenders, but for the title company’s own employees too. "We can create a custom quote for someone within minutes, and the result is clear, precise and looks so professional. I actually created a quote while boarding a plane, once. It's just that simple.”

As for their real estate agents and lenders, Sara told us: "Our clients can provide quotes for their customers and be confident of the accuracy. It’s also branded and the clients really like that.”

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