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HOAs, Impounds, Property Tax Prorations and more... All In Our Upgraded Buyer Estimate Tool.

by Alex Samant
Alex Samant is the Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of TitleCapture, based in Miami, FL. Besides having a vast marketing expertise as a result of over 15 years of hard work for companies in various industries, he also handles product development, with a huge focus on front end development, user experience, customer behavior and interaction.

There is one thing we at TitleCapture absolutely love doing. That is to listen to your feedback as customers, as title agencies. We love when we find out what your needs are or what hurts. That's because we then sit down and see if there is a way we can use technology to make your problems go away. 

Our Buyer Estimate tool, featured in each title agency's TitleCapture app, just received one of the more substantial upgrades to date. Many agencies told us their real estate agents and lenders would love to have a few new features in, so we rolled up our sleeves and voila!

The Buyer Estimate has been redesigned, so that besides the location, sales price, loan amount, loan type, loan term and closing date, it now features neat and tidy sections underneath for:

  • Home Insurance
  • Property Tax Prorations
  • HOA Dues Prorations
  • Impounds (for Insurance and Taxes required in advance)
  • Lenders Fees (including Origination, Charge / Points, Appraisals, Credit Reports and other lender fees)
  • Other Buyer Expenses OR Credits (a section agents across the country have grown to love)

So there you have it. TitleCapture just got better. And we're not stopping here. Thank you for providing the most valuable feedback and allowing us to grow and have the ability to help make title agencies', real estate agents' and lenders' lives a lot better. 

If you're thinking of signing up so that your title agency has it's own custom branded app, click here to schedule a demo. We'd love to give you a tour of all these neat tools and features!