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How Title Company Software Keeps Realtors Loyal to Your Title Agency

In the fast-paced world of digital business, staying on the cutting edge of technology is not just useful or convenient--it’s mandatory. This is true for all industries, but it is especially relevant in the title industry.

You might be surprised to know that a large number of title agencies today still use an archaic approach to generate quotes, track transactions and ensure their deals close. Unlike title company software, these systems often take a long time to generate a quote and they can be a hassle for realtors and lenders. This can be frustrating for agents who are on the go and need to collect information quickly for their clients.

For a real estate agent or lender, there is nothing more disheartening than having to wait a long period of time for a custom title quote or loan estimate, only to have to sift through spreadsheets, rate charts and price sheets to determine what the cost estimate will actually be for a particular transaction.

What’s the solution then? How can your title agency ensure that you keep your realtors and lenders loyal to your agency so they keep coming back to you with return business? After all, your realtors and lenders are the lifeblood of your business, and without them you don’t have a business at all.


Title Insurance Calculator Technology = Loyal Clients

For forward-thinking title agencies, embracing digital technology can be the secret sauce that separates you from your competitors. It’s true that some of your key competitors likely already offer some form of title insurance calculator to make title quotes easier, but instead of just thinking about title quote calculation on a superficial level, you need to dive deep and find out how to make the title cost estimate and loan estimate process as simple and pain-free as possible for your clients.

No matter where your agency currently stands with automation or digital technology, adding any form of title quote software will help you dramatically improve your existing workflow and make the process of getting quotes and estimates smoother for your clients.


How to Calculate Closing Costs the Cost-Effective Way

The truth is realtors and lenders need any tool they can to compete in the real estate business. In real estate, just as with any other business industry, time is money. The faster an agent or lender can close a deal, the more time they have to work on other deals.

If your title agency is generating title insurance quotes the old way using spreadsheets, rate charts or some manual process that takes time (and soaks up money in the form of employee hours), you need to consider implementing title insurance calculator software that will save time for your employees and the realtors and lenders you work with. So how do you accomplish this?

For title agencies with only a few employees, using title company software can reduce the time spent on each file and make your business more profitable as a result.

For a larger agency, adding title company software or a sophisticated title insurance calculator means you can focus on increasing the number of files processed per month, resulting in extra time to work on other important projects within your company. Whether your agency is small or large, the outcome will be relatively the same--decreasing your time on each quote will lead to you having more time to focus on customer service for your clients and the growth of your business.


What Features to Look for in Title Software

If you’re looking for the best title company software, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your realtors and lenders and be conscious of what will eliminate their pain points.

There are a few things that every decent title company software should help your clients with:

  • Reduce the hassle of ordering a custom title quote (no more spreadsheets and rate charts)

  • Decrease the wait time for a custom quote (generate orders on the spot)

  • Ordering available via a secure portal

  • Access to the software platform on multiple devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)

  • Built-in CRM system for deal tracking and contact management

  • Integration capabilities (connect your title rates and fees with popular industry services)

  • Fast loading time

If you can provide your realtors and lenders with a platform that makes it easy to come to you for all of their title deals, then you have found the solution that will help sustain your agency. For title agencies across the country, it all comes down to providing an exceptional customer experience, and in a competitive space, giving your agents and lenders access to sophisticated title company software is how you separate yourself from everyone else.


How TitleCapture can Help you Grow Your Agency

Whereas many companies in the title software space offer a product that is usually geared only to title quotes, isn’t user-friendly and is slow to produce a quote, TitleCapture is a complete customer experience solution that offers the following features and capabilities:

  • Appealing Design - Allows clients access to the most diverse and beautiful real estate estimates

  • Ease of Use - Provides clients and title company reps access to a user-friendly tool that generates estimates in seconds

  • Customization - Allows a title company rep to customize quotes by state, branch, county, city, title rep, client’s bank or brokerage and much more

  • Ordering Ease and Security - Allows the ability to receive orders from clients, fast and secure

  • Contact and Deal Management - Let’s reps stay on top of their clients, with the aid of a powerful CRM, client management and analytics tools--allowing them to know when deals happen

  • Branded to Your Agency - The app and title company software is branded to your business, with your rates and fees

  • Integration - Feed your title company rates and fees into other industry services, like netsheet.com

Now that you know what TitleCapture’s title company software can do, schedule a free demo to see it in action.


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