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Long Term Goals Are USELESS... Just a thought to kick off 2018.

by Alex Samant
Alex Samant is the Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of TitleCapture, based in Miami, FL. Besides having a vast marketing expertise as a result of over 15 years of hard work for companies in various industries, he also handles product development, with a huge focus on front end development, user experience, customer behavior and interaction.
Today’s media is terrible. Really, really bad. It gave voice to people that had nothing to say and allowed them to make lots of money. They’re the “entrepreneurs”, the “gurus”, the teachers, who simply want to sell you stuff - their next book, or online course, or personal training session. 
All these people want you to believe that success is somehow the result of a carefully and meticulously planned, goal-driven endeavour. One where only the smartest people that know “the secret” to success win. The ones that are true visionaries, that can “see” so much ahead and allows them to plan and create goals. Ambitious, audacious goals...
What a load of BS! Sorry for the language but it is.
The TRUTH is most, if not all success is the result of two things:
a) being open and aware of opportunities as they occur AND
b) having good work ethics and smarts to make the most of those opportunities
Do you think Mark Zuckerberg “knew” he was going to create the monster that Facebook is today? Of course not. He was a geek (and still is imho) that created a way for his college buddies to rate and make fun of each other.
However, the moment he saw that “Facemash”(oh yes, that’s how it used to be called) was picking up steam, he didn’t stop, he just kept pushing and making it available to more and more people, improving on the product in the meantime. That’s all. But he had an unbelievable drive and work ethic. He probably loved every minute of it and every challenge.
Do you think Jeff Bezos “knew” ahead of time what Amazon would become? I don’t think so. Steve Jobs just wanted to sell a few home-made Apple I computers in the beginning. And the list can go on.
The point is long-terms goals are pretty distracting. They put a lot of pressure on you while limiting your ability to connect the dots and detect opportunities. They also keep you from being in the now, making decisions in the present moment. It will always keep you in a fantasy of what the future may be. Always tense, always trying to “stay the course” and be upset when life doesn’t go according to your plan. Rather ridiculous, don’t you think?
When we started TitleCapture, the Title Agency App was in it’s infancy and we had around 3 clients. That’s it. Three title agencies, but all we wanted was to make sure this product was great for all of them and their Realtors and Lenders. 
And that’s what we kept doing. We couldn’t even imagine having 50 title agencies as clients, let alone hundreds or even thousands. We had no such goal. Just a desire to keep providing value, an obsession with working from dusk til dawn and an ability to gather as much information from our agencies as possible. We wanted to know everything - what they liked, what they disliked, what they though is missing and it would be great to add. We were also there when our servers crashed. We were there when clients were calling in their quotes were all wrong and their client can’t log in. We were there to solve all those problems the best way we could, with what we had available. Such is the amazing journey that has to be enjoyed, with the good and the bad.
Fast forward, almost 1000 agencies later - and almost 300,000 realtors / lenders using their apps. Funny thing is that when we’re looking back, we would be tempted to come out and say “We planned for this all along because we’re geniuses”… But we can’t. 
No goal. No pressure. So drop everything that distracts you from being in the now. Live in the present moment, make the best decisions, keep your eyes open for opportunities, think outside the box, be creative. Be HERE and NOW!
That’s what we wish all of you for this new year! Be here an now - for your sake and your family's, for your agency’s sake, for your title agents’ sake, for your Realtors and Lenders sake. Happy New Year!