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Managing your title company clients just got easier

We’re proud to announce that the TitleCapture branded platform now features a completely redesigned “Clients” area. This new layout makes life so much easier for title company employees when it comes to managing their real estate agents and lenders. 

The redesigned client management area provides title company employees with a range of features that makes it easy to attract new clients to their branded platform, stay connected to them on social media, as well as focus on their latest activity. It gives the insight title reps need, to be able to “work” their clients the right way. 

Whenever we ask title company employees if they use a CRM, a majority of them tell us they simply don’t. They rely on Excel spreadsheets (yuck!), or, in the case of larger title companies, they have to get by with SalesForce, which, we all know it’s a very complex system, that requires a lot of setup and manual data entry. 

We are trying to solve this problem by allowing title company reps a simple tool, that focuses on the key things reps need to attract and retain their real estate agents and lenders:


Easily add your clients and invite them to use your branded platform


The new Client Management area allows your title reps to either add a single client OR import their whole list. Whenever they do that, email invitations are sent automatically to real estate agents or lenders, in an attempt to onboard them and start using the estimate tools inside your branded title company app.

We still recommend you onboard your top 20 clients via a one-on-one meeting, so that you make sure your top-producing real estate agents or lenders are actually onboarded and understand how to use your platform. However, the new email invitations feature makes it easy for you to simply get the rest of the population to adopt your new branded app. 


Automatically enrich your client data with photos, bios and social media handles


All real estate agents and lenders inside the new Clients area are being "enriched". This means our system goes behind the scenes and pulls their photo, bio, as well as their social media handles/profile links for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

This is a major benefit to your sales reps, who can easily stay connected to all these clients on social media as well. Connect to them, friend them or follow them. This allows your sales reps to be part of their daily conversations.


Focus on each client's activity and orders

Part of the redesign was to put the clients' estimate activity front and center, so your title company sales reps can always see what estimates their real estate agents and lenders are generating, when they logged in the last time, as well as the orders they sent in.

Last but not least, the new Client Management area allows you to key in notes for each client, such as the content of a phone conversation you had. 

We are really confident this new redesign will improve the workflow of so many title reps nationwide. And the best part is that it simply comes with your branded platform as a standard feature, at no additional cost to you, the title company.  

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