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Helping Ohio Real Title dominate by providing real value to their realtors and lenders

Every now and then we encounter title companies that truly understand the importance of delivering value to their real estate agents and lenders. Ohio Real Title is one of those title companies that “gets it”, and we at TitleCapture are proud to have serviced from for years now.

We recently had the chance to sit with Stacey Maczulis, the Sales & Marketing rep for Ohio Real Title. Stacey has been with ORT for 7 years now, with a focus on retaining customer relationships and building future business. And in today’s market, this is one of the most important roles in any title company.



Ohio Real Title is one of those title companies that believes in over-indexing on customer service. They emphasize 1-1 relationships with realtors and lenders, and they also believe in “scaling the unscalable”. 

In Stacy’s own words: 

"We’re not your typical title company. We don’t really fit that mold–at least not by our personality. In a highly competitive industry, with all the pitfalls that can occur with financing, we clearly stand out. We call you back. We pick up. We engage. We have the tools to make this process easier and more efficient. We provide calm where sometimes it doesn’t exist. We have a relaxed culture with an open door policy. We love what we do, we’re really good at it, and we think it’s important  because everyone deserves an easy, successful transaction during a stressful time. This is who we are.”

So when it came to estimates, ORT—consistent with their brand and mentality—needed a tool that would empower their title reps to service their clients better than anyone else could.



When we asked Stacey why Ohio Real Title chose to provide their clients with our branded title company platform, this is what she had to say:

"TitleCapture is a huge part of the real estate process, especially early on in the transaction. My clients (realtors) love the program and use it daily. It gives an accurate and clear estimate on what to expect for title closing costs.

"They use it on the road or simply sitting at a listing appointment with their client. It’s simple and easy to use! TitleCapture is an added value to what we have to offer and I tell everyone about it!”

Like many other title companies, Stacey values the customer-centric approach that we’ve always believed in at TitleCapture: "The TitleCapture team is great! They are very quick to respond whenever a question or issue arises.”

Here’s what Stacey had to say about the actual benefits of ORT’s branded platform to her clients: "It is quick and easy to work up an estimate for a realtor, who may be on the road and can’t do it themselves. For us in title, it’s another added value that we have to offer the agents as part of our process/system and service.”

"The biggest benefit for real estate agents and lenders is that they can go in, log in themselves and work up a quote or estimate in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting on us to do it. It’s simple and easy for them to follow, and accurate!”

We are immensely satisfied whenever we provide this kind of value to our title companies, and are thankful to partner with those title companies which go above and beyond to improve their customer relationships.

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