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Automation may decrease the quantity of personal interactions, but it actually strengthens your client relationships overall.

Successful title companies are built on strong client relationships. 

Just a few weeks after Zillow announced a temporary pause of their iBuying operations, a much more startling announcement was made this Tuesday:...

When you go shopping for the upcoming holidays, why might you choose a local boutique over a Macy’s? 

“Even if you have a quoting app, clients still prefer to call.” 

That was the belief of one escrow officer we recently spoke to. Her title company...

If you're thinking about building (or have already built) your own title quote calculator, congrats on leveling up your client service! Web-based...

Big underwriters are making big technology moves.

It's a pattern that began long before the COVID-19 pandemic and has only surged as a result. It's...

This year has been crazy, a true rollercoaster ride for title companies. First, everyone had to either adapt and work from home or adapt their office...


After a successful website launch, Capitol Title hired their web development company to build them a proprietary title quote calculator—a...


To borrow their tagline, Ohio Real Title is not your typical title company. 

In talking to thousands real estate agents about their relationship with their title companies, we've heard one statement repeated over and over...

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