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The Most Important Tradeshow For Us. Here's Why.

by Alex Samant
Alex Samant is the Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of TitleCapture, based in Miami, FL. Besides having a vast marketing expertise as a result of over 15 years of hard work for companies in various industries, he also handles product development, with a huge focus on front end development, user experience, customer behavior and interaction.
The ALTA One 2017 is coming. On the 10th of October, at the Trump National in Doral, Miami, FL we’ll be there, very excited to meet title agencies whose customer experience we can help improve. This tradeshow however is very special to us. Here’s why.
Four years ago, there was another national ALTA tradeshow, at The Breakers Palm Beach Resort. It was our first tradeshow and our title agency app was barely two weeks old. Yes, two weeks. This is the story of how our most revolutionary product was born. It’s a very inspiring story.
It was the spring of 2013 and we’ve learned about a very large title agency’s need for an app that would calculate title quotes. We had no idea what title quotes were. We had no idea what title was. We had no clue how the title industry worked, but we were willing to learn. 
So, me and my business partner Kethe, along with a 3rd partner (we started out as equals) set out to build this web-app that you logged into and it allowed you to generate title quotes, save them, email them, that featured each title agency's logo and colors, etc.
I was supposed to be the design guy, Kethe was the sales guy and the 3rd partner was the programmer, who would program the whole backend and calculation logic. 
Months went by and we had lots of meetings, lots of back and forth, however things were really slow on the programming side. To this day we’re not sure what went on with our 3rd partner, but fast-forward to late summer 2013… we had no programmer and lacked any kind of programming and back-end for our product. Our programmer partner simply bailed on the project. 
We were under the gun because in the meantime, Kethe had booked a booth at the then-coming ALTA tradeshow in that October of 2013. We had to have something, otherwise we would miss a huge opportunity, and it would have probably meant that the whole project was simply dead on arrival. 
I wasn’t a programmer. I did have brief stints at coding but it was never my forte, however, I couldn’t let this project die, so with 2-3 weeks to go until the product needed to be finished, I decided I would to the programming myself. 
What followed was a combination of 72-hour days with 8 hours sleep in between, learning and writing code at the same time. I remember one weekend. It was my first born daughter’s baptism and while my family and all the guests were there for the event, I was still downstairs working. My wife was really getting anxious and we would have frequent arguments. She didn’t even know what i was working on and it was very hard to explain anyways. But I knew it was worth it.
All the hard work paid off though. To this day I don’t know how I pulled it off, but, one week prior to the event, the app was complete and working perfectly. I did it. It was ready to face the world. I was burned out.
It looked so simple and beautiful. Exactly like we intended it to be. Impressive in it's simplicity and clean design, allowing title agencies to impress their real estate agents and lenders, boosting loyalty and driving more business. We knew we had a winner. We just needed to let the world know about it.
The tradeshow was a confirmation of that. Important, forward-thinking title agency owners and marketing managers stopped by the booth and by the time they stepped out, they were our clients. They loved the app. 
One national underwriter loved it so much that they decided they would recommend it to all their title agencies. They felt that our product would benefit all of them.
And boy, was this the break we needed. During the coming months, Kethe was really busy demoing to those referrals, while I was trying to service all these new companies. It was crazy but we loved every part of it.
Four years and 2 more products later, TitleCapture is honouring it’s past by being present at the ALTA One 2017. Now you know why this particular tradeshow is important to us. See you all there!