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How we're helping TitleSmart maintain the lead through innovation and convenience.

TitleSmart is an incredible title company out of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. Led by Cindy Koebele, one of the most amazing entrepreneurs that we've ever come across, TitleSmart does around 2,000 closings every month, with a staff of 110 people across 9 office locations.

We've recently had the chance to sit down with Cindy to talk about the various successes that she and her staff have enjoyed with TitleCapture over the past 7 years. 



Cindy has always been obsessed with offering TitleSmart's real estate agents and lenders the best possible customer experience. She also knows that it's essential to stand out. She's not afraid of taking risks and being an early adopter, and unlike other title companies, she's not afraid of technology. 

Naturally she's always been on the lookout for innovative technology that would help her company be noticed and impress clients. So it's no wonder that in the fall of 2013, at one of the most important trade shows in the industry, she had the chance to meet Kethe Cicconi, co-founder of TitleCapture, who showed her how TitleSmart's branded Seller Net Sheets and Title Quotes would help impress clients and build more brand awareness.

Her immediate reaction said it all: "I have to have it."



Within the next 30 days, TitleSmart had its own branded version of TitleCapture, ready to be used by both the company's title reps and their real estate agents and lenders. 

It was a really fun process, where we initially gathered all of the fees for each TitleSmart branch/location. We plugged these into the app so that whenever a client registered and picked their location, they would automatically get the correct closing fees, search fees, and so on. We then went ahead and programmed all the title insurance rates for purchases and refinances. We configured the app to quote MI and WI recording and transfer taxes correctly for each county.

Last but not least, we branded the app with TitleSmart's logo and colors, and created accounts for all of the title company’s sales reps.

The impact was immediate, according to Cindy: "The ROI is a no brainer, not to mention the time it saves my staff whenever they have to create and send out a quote or net sheet to Realtors, lenders, homebuyers or sellers."

"My staff loved it. Our best agents and lenders (whom I personally showed our new app to) loved it too! Even though we already had an online quote calculator, our new app soon became the tool of choice and still is today."

Back then, when we were just starting out, the process was very manual. Today TitleCapture has a massive proprietary database featuring most title insurance underwriters' up-to-date rate manuals, as well as recording fees and transfer taxes for all 50 states. 

But we had a lot of fun and we're really grateful for the insight we gathered from early customers, like Cindy, with whom we have a great relationship to this day. 

It's been 7 years now and TitleSmart is still relying on TitleCapture whenever their internal title reps need to quickly generate and send out a Seller Net Sheet or Title Quote to their clients. However, what's nice is that TitleSmart's real estate agents and lenders also have their own accounts: they log in and get the numbers themselves, saving a lot of time and allowing Cindy's staff to focus on closings. 

As for the TitleSmart brand and their customer experience, we'll just use an excerpt from Cindy's latest book, "Obsess To Success"... 

"We were the first company in Minnesota to launch this offering [TitleCapture] to customers, and it's now the industry-leading title app that provides customers with fee quotes. Our competition is still in the dust - even with similar products, the TitleSmart name is associated with convenience and innovation".

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