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Here at TitleCapture, we work with a huge number of title agencies across the nation. We see many successful entrepreneurs daily, who started out as title agents or closers.

Great client service. That’s what it takes for you as a title agency to win. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s all about your client, be it a Realtor, a lender, the homebuyer or the seller. It’s all about what you do for them, and HOW you do it.

If you pay attention to all the content that’s out there on the topic of TRID, you’d think that all is well, the problems have vanished, closings are happening faster than ever, buyers are paying more attention to their closing documents, and so on. So let’s turn...

There are many of you right now reading this article that are currently beaten down, discouraged, not knowing how to get deals in, your best closer just left for another agency, paying them more, etc.