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Gone are the days of relying on business cards and networking alone to expand your title agency business. Although word-of-mouth advertising still has its place in this industry, it certainly isn’t the most effective way to expand your business.

Here at TitleCapture, we work with a huge number of title agencies across the nation. We see many successful entrepreneurs daily, who started out as title agents or closers.

Many great title agents who start their own business get stuck. Not because they're unsuccessful, but because they're faced with the daunting task of finding the right people to delegate to - once the plane is in the air - in an efort to scale the agency.

Great client service. That’s what it takes for you as a title agency to win. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s all about your client, be it a Realtor, a lender, the homebuyer or the seller. It’s all about what you do for them, and HOW you do it.

Apparently there’s good news on the horizon … apparently. To us it’s just an indication of an industry that’s running around with the proverbial “head cut off”. Let’s get into the meat of things though.