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Why you don't need a title quote calculator

Almost all title companies absolutely KNOW they need to have some kind of title quote calculator on their website - to allow all their clients access to their title fees and rates. 
It may seem rather odd or counterintuitive for me to tell you this, but … you don’t need one. 
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Instead, what you need is to provide your clients with the best possible customer experience, when it comes to estimates. It’s a different perspective so let me explain. By the end of this post, it will all be crystal clear.

Your clients need your title rates and fees … in their net sheets.

When you put a title quote calculator on your website, your real estate agents need to first and foremost FIND IT. Many title companies, before signing up for TitleCapture’s branded title company app, used to have a calculator buried somewhere deep in their navigation. 
So, a real estate agent would have to literally “hunt” down your calculator in a navigation item called “Resources”. But ok, let’s say they found it. 
Now, they needed to generate the quote. Most calculators out there, because they are public, are unable to generate a quote that would be customized for a specific office, title rep, or even  for a real estate agent (maybe you have a sweetheart deal). So the numbers they would get would have been generic at best. 
We all know that your clients need accuracy, so the chances of them calling their title rep would be very high at this point. This just adds more clutter to your title company employees’ already busy schedule. Not to mention, rendering your website calculator useless.
However, let’s assume they did go with the numbers your calculator provided them with... 
What they would now need to do is copy those numbers and manually plug them into their Seller Net Sheet spreadsheet or some other tools they use. This is extra work and a really cumbersome user experience. Avoid! 
So you can imagine that even if you provided them with your numbers, chances are they’re not going to be super-happy about this process. They’re not going to want to repeat it anytime soon, let alone tell their colleagues about it.

In comes your competitor, who understand customer experience.

XYZ Title down the street understands that your real estate agents don’t need your title rates and fees. Instead they need to provide their home sellers or buyers with a net sheet. That’s what they need...
And that’s what XYZ Title decides to do. 
Give these real estate agents a free tool that AUTOMATICALLY generates the net sheet for them, already containing the title company’s rates and fees (and branded with the company’s logo btw). Since it’s account-based, the real estate agent can really get custom rates and fees, not those generic, public amounts. 
And it’s an app… so the real estate agent doesn’t have to hunt for it. They’ve bookmarked it already or it sits on their phone’s home screen. 
They generate the net sheet. They immediately send it to their buyer or seller, right from your platform, and it’s all done before it even started.
What would have taken a lot of time and effort is now achieved in 10 seconds. 
Now this is an experience the real estate agent not only loves and wants to repeat, but what this actually prompts them to do is recommend XYZ title to their colleagues, driving more business to that title company, to the detriment of their competition.
So, the conclusion is you don’t need a calculator. You need a branded app that allows the client to achieve his or her end-goal, without much effort. 
If you want to be like XYZ Title and attract and retain your real estate agents or lenders, it’s time for you to see the TitleCapture branded title company platform in action. Schedule a demo and we’ll show you exactly how the platform will help you grow. 
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