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Humanity is currently facing one of its greatest tests of strength in generations. The new coronavirus / COVID19 is disrupting the way we live and work, and society is slowly being transformed. This is going to be a “new normal” that will require its tools, its processes, and its paradigms. And the real estate industry is no exception to this.
TitleCapture is one of those tools, allowing title companies and their clients to stay on top of work, even in these challenging times.
I don’t really believe that we’ll just stay indoors for a couple of weeks and then everything will go away and we’ll return to normal. That’s not how pandemics of this magnitude work. This is going to be here for at least months, and even when the pandemic would have ended, the threat of the virus is still going to be there.
So, what do we do? Do we shut down? Is the planet going to stop spinning? Or do we adapt and keep going?
Humans are strong and resilient. We all have families to feed and kids to raise, and throughout our history, times like these shaped our culture and allowed us to grow.
I’m not discounting the severity of the current threat and its death toll. It’s truly a disaster - and I’m afraid it’s going to get worse in some parts of the world - but we need to look ahead. There is no other option. We need to learn the lessons and emerge stronger and smarter.
One of the paradigms that is currently being challenged is the office being the sole physical workplace. This is the time to realize that “on-premise” software solutions - software that’s installed physically on machines that reside in the office and can’t be taken to remote locations - should be a thing of the past. This is the time for title companies to realize that they need to switch to software that is natively accessible from anywhere, allowing title company employees to stay on top of their work or their clients, even if the office is closed. And quite honestly, allowing title companies to survive and thrive.
And it doesn’t take a pandemic to close the office. It could simply be a Saturday. Title company employees are at home with their families, but real estate agents are out, showing homes and needing a quote.
This is where natively remote software, like TitleCapture comes in. Either the real estate agent calls the title rep, and he can pull his laptop, generate a quote in 2 minutes and send it to the real estate agent... or... even better, the real estate agent can generate his/her own estimate, using the title company’s closing fees and title insurance rates. As you can see, the office is totally irrelevant in this story.
TitleCapture does one more thing right, besides allowing title company employees access to their accounts from anywhere, 24/7. TitleCapture also helps eliminate the bottleneck that a title company employee may be when having to serve quotes to clients. By allowing any real estate agent and lender to sign up for free, they are now able to generate their own estimates, without the need of a title company team member.
And like TitleCapture, there are settlement software solutions out there, accounting solutions, e-signing solutions, etc. All of them cloud-based, just like us.
As a smart title company owner or operations manager, you need to take advantage of these challenging times and "future-proof" your business, so that it’s less prone to disruptions that may come.
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