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Humanity is currently facing one of its greatest tests of strength in generations. The new coronavirus / COVID19 is disrupting the way we live and work, and society is slowly being transformed. This is going to be a “new normal” that will require its tools, its...

If you are a title company owner or marketing manager, keep reading. If not, please share this with the person in charge of growth for your title company. This is going to be the most important read ever, that will take your title company to the next level.

We’re proud to announce that the TitleCapture branded platform now features a completely redesigned “Clients” area. This new layout makes life so much easier for title company employees when it comes to managing their real estate agents and lenders. 

So, as most of you probably know by now, the $1.2bn merger between Stewart and Fidelity, one of the “Big 4” underwriters in the country, crashed and burned. Fidelity will pay a $50 million reverse termination fee to Stewart, and that’s going to be the end of that...

We’ve seen this trend more and more with the title companies that are currently using the TitleCapture branded app. These companies are switching to graduated closing fees - the closing fee gets higher as the value of the property gets higher. 

The elephant in the room, when it comes to the future of the title industry is the rate of declining homeownership. Not only is it low, but it’s set to go even lower. We’re going to quickly explore the reasons why there’s a fundamental shift to renting. We're also...
The mere mention of the name Amazon, in the context of real estate is enough to drive shivers down a real estate professional’s spine. And the recent news about Amazon’s partnership with Realogy was no exception.
Almost all title companies absolutely KNOW they need to have some kind of title quote calculator on their website - to allow all their clients access to their title fees and rates. 
If you’re a title company owner or marketing manager, read on, reflect and then take action… fast. This is a game changer. Guaranteed.