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We’ve seen this trend more and more with the title companies that are currently using the TitleCapture branded app. These companies are switching to graduated closing fees - the closing fee gets higher as the value of the property gets higher. 

The mere mention of the name Amazon, in the context of real estate is enough to drive shivers down a real estate professional’s spine. And the recent news about Amazon’s partnership with Realogy was no exception.
Almost all title companies absolutely KNOW they need to have some kind of title quote calculator on their website - to allow all their clients access to their title fees and rates. 
If you’re a title company owner or marketing manager, read on, reflect and then take action… fast. This is a game changer. Guaranteed.

Both me and Kethe, my co founder in TitleCapture, spent a very long time in sales and marketing and the one thing that proves itself to be true over and over again -  allowing service businesses to thrive and build great customer relationships - is this: the more...

We've been working hard for the past several months to bring you an exciting & major TitleCapture update. Announcing 4 new estimate tools and new marketing features to help you save time, while providing even more value to your clients.

We’ve seen this quite a few times during the past 6 years at TitleCapture. Jimmy @ XYZ Title quits his job. He then either joins or starts his own ABC Title. What sucks for XYZ is that Jimmy is most likely going to bring in all his real estate agents and lenders...
Success Case Study - Title Smart, Inc. one of America's Fastest Growing Companies (5 Years In A Row) Uses Title Capture to Empower Their Agents, Streamline Their Process and Scale Their Growth.

We recently returned from Inman Connect 2019 in NYC and, even though we were there showcasing NetSheet.com, a new product targeting real estate agents and their brokers, we couldn’t take off our TitleCapture hats.